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What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals that ionize when dissolved in water. Electrolytes are important because they help: balance the amount of water in your body, balance your body's pH level, and move nutrients into your cells.  Each serving of Salud Hydration

What is Wellmune®?

Wellmune® is a leading yeast beta glucan clinically proven to help improve general immune health, maintain overall physical health, protect against the harmful effects of stress, and promote healthy energy levels and mental clarity. Beta glucans are

What are PurCaf® and AmaTea®?

Two premium sources of organic caffeine that work together to provide balanced and clean energy. More specifically, PurCaf® is USDA certified organic caffeine powder from green coffee beans. Thanks to its proprietary clean-water extraction process, P

What is Affron®?

Affron® is a high-quality saffron extract derived from the Crocus sativus L. flower. It is the most-awarded saffron extract worldwide and has been clinically proven to promote restorative sleep and encourage a positive mood. The extraction process fo

Are Salud products gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, dairy free, and soy free?

Yes, Salud products are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, and soy-free. We are committed to providing high-quality products that cater to various dietary needs and preferences. Enjoy the benefits of our drink mixes knowing they are made with c

Do Salud products contain artificial colors or dyes?

No, Salud products do not contain artificial colors or dyes. We prioritize the use of natural ingredients in our drink mixes to ensure that our customers can enjoy the benefits without any unnecessary additives.

Does Salud products contain allergens?

Yes, Salud products may contain allergens. Specifically, the Salud Hydration + Immunity Drink Mix contains coconut powder powder, which can be an allergen for some individuals. If you have any concerns about allergens or ingredient sensitivities, it'

What type of sugar do you use in your products?

Our products are sweetened with a carefully selected blend of ingredients, including 1g of sucrose, natural and artificial flavors, allulose, and sucralose. Through extensive research and taste tests, we have found that sucralose provides the best an

Are your products keto friendly?

We're excited to share that our products are keto-friendly! While we don't specifically market them as keto, they are perfect for individuals following a keto diet. The ketogenic diet is an eating pattern that includes high amounts of fat, low to mod