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How do subscriptions work?

We offer subscriptions for each flavor, where you can Subscribe and Save 15% off. Here are some highlights of how our subscriptions work:. - You can set delivery frequency can be set for every 15 or 30 days. You may cancel your subscription at any ti

Can I change the flavor and modify the frequency of my subscription?

Yes, you can easily change the flavor and modify the frequency of your subscription by logging into your account page here Subscriptions. Simply select the new flavor you would like to receive and adjust the delivery frequency to fit your needs. If y

Can I modify the frequency of my subscription orders?

Yes, definitely! We offer subscriptions for 15 or 30 day auto delivery. If you need to skip your subscription order date for any reason, you can do this as well and it will pick up on the following 15th or 30th day. You can make these modifications b